Interlude Rwanda stands as a pioneering initiative founded by Bonita Mutoni and Cristina Romelli Gervasoni, embarking on an unprecedented journey to explore the depths of Rwanda's rich heritage.It is a testament to the resilience of the nation and the profound power of art to shape narratives and inspire fresh perspectives.

Through commissioned site-specific installations to Rwandan’s creatives, Interlude Rwanda weave together the threads of art, architecture, and design, aiming to ignite a profound dialogue that resonates with the country's diverse cultural tapestry and its natural landscapes. Entitled “Reconnecting Memory through Art, Design, and Architecture,” the exhibition is curated by Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte and features bespoke installations. This six-month exhibition serves as a dynamic stage for Rwanda's creatives, presenting a collective expression that resonates with a global audience.

Curatorial Statement

Curated by Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, the inaugural exhibition "Reconnecting Memory through Art, Design and Architecture," is designed as a pioneering exploration of the country’s heritage through art, architecture, and design. It showcases local and unique practices in a dialogue directly connected with the environment.
Interlude serves as an open platform and a convergence point for optimistically rethinking our approach to culture and context. This platform aims to benefit the local community on both local and global scales and is envisioned across three different countries of the region, fostering mobility and dialogues around historical domestic landmarks rich with significant history. This setting provides a canvas for different interpretations and questions on how to reinterpret the past, present, and future through the interaction between context and installations.
The pieces presented, all commissions cultivated over a year of collaboration with the contributing artists, seek to challenge conventional practices and perspectives, inviting both creators and audience into a unique, site-specific conversation.


Medard Bizimana

Born in 1967, Medard Bizimana is a respected Rwandan artist who began his artistic journey at Nyundo Art School.
As an educator at Saint Joseph Secondary School, he has influenced many aspiring artists. Medard has earned both local and international acclaim, securing awards in national competitions and showcasing his work in China, Gabon, and Nepal in 2013. In 2021, he played a pivotal role in developing Rwanda's public art strategy, significantly shaping the country's artistic narrative and engaging communities through art.


Founded in 2018 by Niyongabo Frederic and Ndiratuma Emmanuel, Ibisazi Designers Nyabyo (IDN) integrates Rwandan tradition with global influences through fashion, installations, sculptures, and visual arts. Based in Rwanda, IDN stands out for its commitment to using art as a medium for education, blending tradition with innovation and each creation narrates a globally resonant story.

Dusabe King

Born in 1996 in Kigali, Rwanda, Dusabe King is a groundbreaking visual artist whose work challenges norms and explores social identities. His art delves into personal and familial dimensions, capturing discontinuous memories and reshaping perspectives through nostalgia. Each of his compositions invites viewers to a journey of introspection and exploration.


Born in 1972, underwent a transformative artistic journey at the Nyundo School of Art, where access to art books fueled her creative spirit. However, following the tragic events of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, she refrained from painting for a decade. Resuming her artistic pursuits between 2004 and 2006, Mukabageni's work, notably "Forgiveness," gained recognition at a competition and found a permanent place in the Rwanda Art Museum. Inspired by traditional Rwandan motifs, her paintings, often depicting dance and cultural gatherings.


Born in 1994, Paradis Imfura Nishimwe is a Rwandan designer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She founded Wood Habitat at age 22, which has become a premier furniture producer in Rwanda. Paradis's designs are not only functional but also collectible, reflecting her commitment to supporting her community, especially women and children.


Born in 1998 in Rubavu, Rwanda, Claude Nizeyimana is a sculptor, set designer, and ceramist specializing in wood and metal. A graduate of Nyundo School of Arts, Claude’s work often reflects his life experiences through a lens of surrealism, collaborating with acclaimed Rwandan artists on significant projects.

Tchaka Tambwe

Tchaka Tambwe, born in 1989, is a versatile Rwandan designer who initially focused on traditional clothing design before transitioning to furniture and jewelry making, primarily using reclaimed materials. Since 2015, his practice has specialized in repurposing materials such as wood, tin, and copper, with a focus on sustainability and artistic expression that draws inspiration from both tradition and innovation.

Brave Tangz

Also known as Brave TANGZ, Rumariza Brave is a self-taught artist from Kigali affiliated with YEGO ARTS. He works across various mediums, including acrylics, woodwork, sculptures, murals, and installations, conveying messages of happiness and freedom through his art.


Moses Turahirwa is a Rwandan fashion designer and creative who founded Moshions in Kigali in 2015. Known for his multidisciplinary approach, his work has been showcased internationally and features collaborations across various art forms. His atelier focuses on sustainable fabric production and in-house tailoring.

Chris Schwagga

From a point-and-shoot camera in 2005 to a career that finds him travelling the world, Christian Mbanza [Chris Swchagga] is a force to be reckoned with. He tells unique stories through various mediums, including photography, design, sculpture, costumes, and installations, exhibited globally. His work is driven by curiosity and he takes inspiration from people, travel, and culture.


Bruce Engel, after living and working for many years in Rwanda and serving as a professor at the School of Architecture in Kigali, established his architectural practice, BE_Design, with studios in Kigali and New York. The practice focuses on educational and community projects in East Africa, as well as energy-efficient homes in America. The studio has been recognized with several awards, including one for his most significant landmark: the Komera Leadership Center in Rwanda.


Rwanda Art Museum, Kigali

Once known as the Presidential Palace Museum, this newly transformed museum showcases a collection of contemporary artworks from Rwanda. Interlude Rwanda fosters a compelling dialogue, seamlessly weaving together the rich architectural history of the existing building with the profound artistic narratives of the featured artists: Ibisazi Designers Nyabyo, Paradis Imfura Nishimwe, Tchaka Tambwe.

Modern King's Palace, Nyanza

Nyanza was once the capital of the kingdom. Meticulously reconstructed to mirror the essence of the traditional royal abode, the King's Palace stands as a marvel of architectural craftsmanship together with its modern building featuring the installations of Dusabe King, Brave Tangz, and Medard Bizimana.

Peace Heaven Island, Twin Lakes

The Twin Lakes of Ruhondo and Bulera, located in northwestern Rwanda on the outskirts of Musanze, are a result of ancient volcanic activity that has shaped the surrounding landscapes. The Natural Chapel, situated on a virgin island within the lake will serve as the site for a distinctive installation: a bamboo structure designed by BE_Design, envisioned as a kaleidoscopic exploration of one of the most breathtaking natural sceneries of the country, surrounded by water and volcanoes.

About us

Interlude Rwanda celebrates the power of generosity, tapping into the gift economy's heart, where values are measured in creation and connections, where the generosity of those contributing fuels our team and where giving outshines material wealth, crafting a culture of kindness and reciprocal care offering a transformative approach to how we set up a business and how we view giving and receiving in society.
Founders of Interlude, Bonita Mutoni and Cristina Romelli Gervosoni, fuelled by a shared passion for art, summoned the expertise of curator Nicolas Bellavance Lecompte to bring their vision to life;
“At Interlude, our purpose is clear: to spark inspiration and creativity, inspired by the profound lessons of forgiveness from Rwanda and the importance of living the present We unveil the rich tapestry of Rwandan history, culture, and nature through art We aspire to forge a lasting cultural legacy that transcends time. Through our continued dedication, we are directing our focus towards creating a powerful platform for artists, propelling their work to the highest degree. Our vision is to spotlight artists who are genuinely creating a new narrative. Our commitment is to nurture talent, foster growth, and establish a legacy that resonates globally. This initiative is a testament to the belief of our founders in the profound impact of empowering artists to reach their full potential and leave an indelible mark on the country's cultural society through a transformative experience.”
Cristina Romelli Gervasoni, Bonita Mutoni, Founders of Interlude Rwanda, Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, curator of Interlude Rwanda

Founders & Curator

Bonita Mutoni

Co-fouder Interlude Rwanda
Bonita Mutoni, a Rwandan contributing to Rwanda's transformation, is based in Kigali, specialising in luxury-high-end tourism. She envisions that "building back better" necessitates a reevaluation of African destinations' business models when competing for regional opportunities. As the Founder of Uber Luxe Safaris, a leading Destination Management company in Rwanda, Bonita channels her passion for luxury travel to propel Rwanda into the forefront of eco-luxury destinations. With a fervent belief in redefining tourism paradigms, she spearheads the reshaping of narratives for African destinations, emphasising sustainability and excellence. Bonita's dedication to fostering Rwanda's growth in the luxury travel sector is evident through her role as a co-founder of Interlude Rwanda, showcasing her commitment as an industry pioneer and contributing to the country's development.

Cristina Romelli Gervasoni

Co-founder Interlude Rwanda
Cristina Romelli Gervasoni, Co-founder of Interlude Rwanda, was born in Italy, where her appreciation for beauty blossomed. A seasoned business strategist, she effortlessly navigates diverse cultures and disciplines, leading teams with dedication. Passionate about arts, design, and nature, Cristina's journey spans roles as a consultant, entrepreneur and CEO. For the past decade, she's driven cultural initiatives in the Middle East, notably shaping the success of Downtown Design Dubai and Dubai Design Week. In Saudi Arabia, she played a pivotal role in the arts scene, collaborating with the Royal Commission for AlUla and the Ministry of Culture for the Saudi Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Arts.Before her Middle East ventures, Cristina honed her skills at Bulgari and Saatchi and Saatchi. Currently, she directs her passion and expertise toward financing purposeful projects like Interlude Rwanda.

Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte

Curator Interlude Rwanda
Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, a design curator and art director in Italy, is a leading figure in contemporary collectible design. Trained as an architect, he anchors his research in artistic and cultural narratives, curating over sixty-five design exhibitions for private galleries, museums, and institutions.As the co-founder of NOMAD, an exclusive art and design fair, Nicolas orchestrates showcases in sought-after European locations, uniting top galleries and collectors. Additionally, he is the founder and art director of Carwan Gallery, a trailblazing contemporary design gallery in the Near East for over a decade, renowned for launching unique commissioned projects.Nicolas further extends his expertise as a consultant, contributing to an urban revitalization and programming project for EQI and the European Union in Egypt's Siwa Oasis from 2017 to 2019. His diverse roles harmonise seamlessly with Interlude Rwanda, reflecting a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of contemporary art and fostering cultural exchange on a grand scale.

Team & Contributors

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Project Coordinator


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